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Tamer Tensor w/ Mitchell Keany

  • Noise
  • Art Rock
  • Dream Pop
  • Computer Music
Artist — Track Name

Owen Gardner - Sammusik
Mitchell Keaney - Live at Rota Festival 2023 [Excerpt]
Menghan Wang - Terrain of Initiation [Excerpt]
Filthy Grin - Tok
Max Eilbacher - 21223 (5ths generator) - keyboard DUB
Sofheso - ASR
Aunt Sally - アーント·サリー
Harry Pussy - This is My Voice
Soft Shoulder - No Occupancy
Street Musicians of Yogyakarta - Kathik Nganggo Nglirik
John Fahey - I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord
Mashu Haya - May 20 II
Botany Boys - Cloverland
Paul Arámbula - On Display
Glochids - Guatemala Voice
Ana Gabriel - Quién Como Tú

Tamer Tensor

Tamer Tensor collects audio from released, self released, unreleased music and various sound memories. The show is created by Davide Luciani, an artist and musician based in Berlin. Between music and sound design, Tamer Tensor provides an hour long mix of bangers and unexpected listening struggles.

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