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Tamer Tensor

  • Noise
  • Broken Beat
  • Acapella
  • Computer Music
Artist — Track Name

Honour - FLIR2A
Honour - First Born
Ivan Seal - postpace
Shit & Shine - Joy_14
Lee Gamble - Purple Orange
Rrose - The illuminating Glass
Davide Luciani - Sound_note_240306
ulla - gloss
DJ Danifox - Ilha dos Bruxos
Luciani Maggio + Louie Rice - WP #4 (whistles, synthesiser, subwoofer)
PARSA - 40 Ouncesd of AM
Shit & Shine - Joy_13
Zuli - Bussra
PÖ - Over the clouds
Davide Luciani - Soundtrack for "Glitch Choir"
Forster - Live at Stray Signals
Laurén Maria - Gow​ï​s
Laurén Maria - ooo
Meara O'Reilly - II
Meara O'Reilly - III

Tamer Tensor

Tamer Tensor collects audio from released, self released, unreleased music and various sound memories. The show is created by Davide Luciani, an artist and musician based in Berlin. Between music and sound design, Tamer Tensor provides an hour long mix of bangers and unexpected listening struggles.

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