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Tamer Tensor

  • Experimental
  • Avant-Garde
  • Field Recordings
  • Noise
  • Dub
Artist — Track Name

MSHR - Signal Hybrid Recursion
Heart Sounds & Murmurs - Part 1: MItrial Valve Disease, Part 2: Aortic Vavlve Disease, Part 3: Congenital Heart Disease
Romeo Castellucci, Scott Gibbons - Il Terzo Reich
The Peter Brötzmann Octet - Machine Gun
Will Guthrie - GoldFingerz
Will Guthrie - Younguns
Orson + Hops - Kraut
Cadaver Mike - Side B
Simon Berz - Cut Out
Autechre - TM1 Open
Forster - Mund
Luciani+Quintela - Unreleased 1
Mattin - Object of thought
Luciani+Quintela - Unreleased 2
C_C - 0-0-7 Dub (fast forward)
Luciani+Quintela - Unreleased 3
Forster - Forte
Khanate - No Joy
Luciani+Quintela - Unreleased 4
Romeo Castellucci, Scott Gibbons - Excerpt from Inferno
Eleh - In The Ear Of The Gods

Tamer Tensor w/ Davide Luciani

Tamer Tensor collects audio from released, self released, unreleased music and various sound memories. The show is created by Davide Luciani, an artist and musician based in Berlin. Between music and sound design, Tamer Tensor provides an hour long mix of bangers and unexpected listening struggles.

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