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Suspect Radio w/ Carl Suspect

  • drum & bass
  • hip hop
  • ambient
  • jungle
  • krautrock
Artist — Track Name

Hive - Questional Directions
Future Sound Of London - Cascade
Ed Rush - Skylab
Jonny L - Wish U Had Something
Frank De Wulf - Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor Mix)
O-Wells - Krushed Brew
Lassigue Bendthaus - Statik (12' Version)
Eindkrak - Enter Sandwichman
Alec Empire - It Should Be You Not Me
Hive - Experiments in Synthetic Rhythm
Sully - Zero Sum
DJ Teebee - Lifepod
DJ Krust - Brief Encounters
Six By Seven - Mein Herz
Disjecta - Kracht

Suspect Radio w/ Carl Suspect

Kraut, Electronics, Wave and some forgotten Tapes from the basement

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