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Suspect Radio

  • Krautrock
  • Ambient
  • Synthwave
  • New Wave
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Inkasso - Human Analytics
Barking - I find it strange
Hagoromo - Ket
Pavel Milyakov - Yalta Sea Blues
Minami Deutsch - Your Pulse
Sonic Youth - JC
Och - NU:64
Sumatran Black - Is This Heaven? (это рай)
Dean Blunt - Molly & Aquafina
The Fulmars - No Hugs
Frank Zappa Interlude -
Chinaski - Midnight Workout
Cluster & Eno - Schöne Hände
Tri Group - Friend
Mioclono - Disobedience
Einklang - Pfad der Tugend
Mor Elian - Shoshana's Roses
Artefakt - Tidal

Suspect Radio w/ Carl Suspect

Carl Suspect is Co-Running the Dresden, Germany based Uncanny Valley and is connecting the dots between Krautrock, Wave, Punk and music from the forgotten future.

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