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Super Eccentric Theatre w/ Remotif

  • Synth Pop
  • Dream Pop
  • Indie
Artist — Track Name

Kid Who - At Least We Hav Music
Another Fine Day - Esperanto
Dust - You'll Never Ge To Heaven
Cindy Lee - Just For Loving You I Pay The Price
ML Buch - Fleshless Hand
Aiden Ayers - Off My Mind
Allison Street - Casual Worker
Family Four - En Hast Utan Namn
Lee Tracy & Isaac Manning - Is It wat You Want
The Cat's Miau - Not Like I Was Doing Anything
Aiden Ayers - Surface Tension
Sign Libra - There Must Be An Angel
The Bernhardts - Send Your Heart To Me
Kyoto - Venetian Blinds
Rahaan - Down Comes The Rain

Remotif’s Super Eccentric Theatre

Step into the Super Eccentric Theatre, a warm place, a weird place - a good place!! Front row seats? In the box? Stalls? Wherever you sit, you won’t sit - you’ll dance! Remotif brings you synthpop oddities, leftfield house, and balaeric phantasmagoria from across the world.

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