On Air

Subject To Restrictions w/ Leo Gretener

  • electronica
  • downtempo
  • ambient
  • cosmic
  • new wave
Artist — Track Name

Ry Cooder - I Knew This People [Warner Music]
Andreas Grosser - 3C 123 [Running Back]
Max Richter, Vivaldi - Spring 1 (Remixed by Max Richter) [Deutsche Grammophon]
Neinzer - Elliptical Footsteps [Whities]
Airchina - Consequence [Italic]
The Royal Family & The Poor - I Love You (Restrained In A Moment) [Factory]
Saint Etienne - Half Timbered [Bungalow]
Max Richter, Vivaldi - Winter 3 (NYPC Remix) [Deutsche Grammophon]
Von Spar - Omonia [Altin Village & Mine Records]
Tom Of England - I Want You / To Be Me [L.I.E.S.]
Japan Blues - Stoned Bird [Berceuse Heroique]
Joy O - Coyp [Hinge Finger]
13. Ondo Fudd - Eyes Glide Through The Oxide [The Trilogy Tapes]
Bell Towers - Want You (Need You) [Public Possession]
DJ Sotofett - Acid Site [Wania ]

Subject To Restrictions

Restrictions where needed. The Zurich based Label Subject To Restrictions focuses on club music without borders with its releases. Label head Dominik André invites guests or plays shows by himself to open up the musical cosmos the label sees itself embedded in. From 80s-wave to new industrial and groovy downtempo, in this show everything is possible.

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