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Stench Temple w/ Monika Badly

  • Punk
  • Hardcore
  • Noise
  • Metal
Artist — Track Name

Gaylord - Rollin' [Limp Bizkit Cover]
Memorabilia - In Water
Dreamcrusher - Satisfaction
Vile Creature - You Who Has
Sissy XO - The Violent Cracking Of An Egg
Hulubalang ft. SaintMary - Budakkawan
Prolapse Bicep - Hunted & Caught
Monika Badly - Masculine Form
Olivia Newtered-John - Scalding Piss
Olivia Newtered-John - Obliterated Taint
Vomitatrix - Jerking Off To Tinitus
Boddicker - Rise Of The Downtrodden
NARC - If You Deadname Her I Will Stab You
I Play To Forfeit - Demoted Scum Authority
Princess Difficult - Destroyer
Negative Øhio - The Death ov Cletus the Parrot
Yotzerert Sheydim - Any Table an Altar

Stench Temple

Description; [noun], otherwise known as a 'mosh pit', whereby one, in a state of euphoria and sweat, worships thy music before them, and leaves, most like, bruised, stinky and ecstatic. Each month, Stench Temple will be serving you up an hour of the heavy stuff; punk, hardcore, grindcore, deathcore, metal, nu-metal (etc etc etc... if you can mosh to it, it's in the mix). More importantly, i'll be bringing light to the individuals of marginalised genders in the scene that is usually so dominated by cis masculinity.... I wanna show just how raucous and unruly we can be. In the great words of G.L.O.S.S... "this is for the outcasts".

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