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Stay Put w/ George

  • Latin
  • Electronica
  • Experimental
  • Afrobeat
Artist — Track Name

Visible cloak - Terrazzo
Marcelo Bernardes - Vamo Ki Vamo
Marcos Resende & Index - Nergal
Wildflower - Flute Song
Fafa De Belem - Emorio
Rosa Maria - Samba Maneiro
Oiro Pena - Sambahekti
Kassav’ & Jean -Claude Naimro
Teaspoon Ndelu - Sputla
Fafa de Belem - Naturalmente
The O.V.Q Band - What ever You Do (Instrumental)
Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers - Neg Ginen
Admiral - Halfraw Meat
Reykjavik606 - Endless Summer in Peckham ft Ishmael Ensemble SnazzBack - Koch Lock (Live at the Gallimaufry)
Demae - Use it
Madvillainy - All Caps
Madvillainy - Accordion
BUDGEN - Happy
BUDGEN - i’m leaving you
Equinoxx - Last of the Mohicans
Equiknoxx - Clnk

Stay Put

Mitchell, Sydney and Sam Bhok are dedicated to sourcing the richest from across the globe. Digging deep through afro-jazz obscurities and the latest releases, they cross and borders to bring together their expansive palette of sounds.

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