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Stay Put

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  • Experimental
  • Hip-Hop
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  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Nabiah Iqbal - Elvis
Takao - Bird Ensemble
nubo - Mezame
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - CANDY FLIP
Tom Manzarek - Real Thugs Do Cry
Anderson - Walk In The Park
James K - Ultra Facial!
Mappa Mundi - Urbi Et Orbi
Madlib - Riddim Chant
Marco Dobra - Animoso Android
Nickmanes - dj sacom’s Blazin In The Car Mix
Miracles - I Know You
Loto Retina - Loco
Placid Angles - First Blue Sky
ROMsets - OhEss
Lack - Version
rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo (Joe Remix)
Blobject - Two Shell
Ehua - Roman
Ploy - Pax Cultura
Blâme - Berçeuse
Raw Takes - Gate 313
Barker - Cascade Effect
Happa - Te Amo (Existential Mix)
Lighght - care2kno

Stay Put

Mitchell, Sydney and Sam Bhok are dedicated to sourcing the richest from across the globe. Digging deep through afro-jazz obscurities and the latest releases, they cross and borders to bring together their expansive palette of sounds.

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