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Stay Awake! Andrew Weatherall Special

  • Cosmic
  • Dub
  • Krautrock
  • New Wave
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Cowboys International - The No Tune
291out - Ritorno ad Urania (Western)
Syrinx - Ibistix
Barry Adamson - Girl
EXEK - Elevator Etiquette
Spider and the Flies - Jungle Planet
The Guitaraculas - Roswell / Area 51
Yamasuki Singers - Yamasuki
Mad Professor & Lee Perry - Techno Dub
Yello - Jungle Bill (Too Tough 4 Trego Part 1 - The Andrew Weatherall Mixes)
M Love - New World
Night Moves - Transdance - New York Disco Mix

Stay Awake!

Experimental tape label, ex-night.... yada yada! Grit Yr Teef & Move Yr Feet ! - Stay Awake in The Sonic Shadows... SASA! w/ Shaq. Fading Whenever, Fade In Then Never. Oddities full of flanger fever and sped up.. slow down... screwback n slur, you catch my drift?! Enjoy as I yank songs from the four corners of my little insignificant musical globe.

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