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Srenity Now

  • Alt-Pop
  • Krautrock
  • Dub
  • Ambient
  • Psychedelic Rock
Artist — Track Name

Kevin Ayers - Decadence (Early Mix)
Michael Flower & Neil Campbell - Wharf
Astral Social Club - untitled cdr #3 track 3
Zahgurim - Dropkick!
Roger Robinson - Feel Bad Smile
Pellegrino - At The Mercy Of Inertia
Million Brazilians - Red Rose and Obsidian
Competition - Look Me Up
Spivak - The Fucking Bed On The Floor
Noleian Reusse - Her Name Was
Leyden Jars - Tail Of The Comet
Bullwackie - Rise Up (Version)

Srenity Now

DJ Ultimatepunx presents low level Theatre Of The Mind and the neverending quest for Inner Peace via music, sounds and more (?) LIVE from Newcastle in The North Of England.

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