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Artist — Track Name

Bark Psychosis - SCUM
Speakers Corner Quartet - Fix
Marta Salogni & Tom Relleen - Desert Glass
Romance - When You Wish Upon a Star
Clarissa Connely - Bargain
Dean Blunt - CHUCKING IT
Unearth Noise - Sleep Well Sweet Friend
Honour - SIDE A (Excerpt)
Flying Lotus - Aunties Lock/Infinitum
Samuel Organ - Footsteps
Alex G Ain't It Easy
Robbie & Mona - Clapback
James Holden - In The End You'll Know
DJ Brittle - 07 180122 (2)
YYU - When will mine
Able Noise - Side A (Excerpt)
The Strange Girls - Satan
Kinograph - Time Moves
Bons - Domestic
A.R Kane - Haunting
Martha Skye Murphy - Dogs
Scott Walker - Farmer in The City
Squid - If You Had Seen The Bulls Swimming Attempts You Would Have Stayed Away
Deliluh - Amulet B
Anton Pearson - Reading excerpt from Catch Me If You Can


Squid are a Bristol-based experimental band signed to Warp records. Their residency at Noods has given them the opportunity to make their own awful jingles and justify their increasing monetary investments in post-punk, new-wave and electronic records.

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