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Artist — Track Name

The Rebel - Why Must I Pay
Gang of Four - Anthrax
The Snivellers - Wet Look/Sell
Heavy Metal - Blue Suede Shoe
Mann im Mond - Die Verlierer
Straw Man Army - HMS Ship
Double Job - Defungnisse
Sma3 - Taqbir
The Ex - Barricades
Another Subculture - Weird Menace
The Comsat Angels - Independence Day
The Lounge Lizards - Do The Wrong Thing
Aunt Sally - Subete Urimono
Palais Schaumburg - Telefon (Single Version)
Vivien Goldman - Laundrette
Wire - Practice Makes Perfect
Findom - The Only Good Tory
Cherry Cheek - Boxes
Gilb - No Succes
Zounds - War
Joy Division - Warsaw
Sexual Jeremy - The First Rodeo
Straw Man Army - State of The Art
Country Teasers - Golden Apples
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
Atari Teenage Riot - Too Dead For Me
DUDS - A Different Stage (Part 2)
Neu! - Lila Engel
Peepholes - The Overspills
Band Apart - Strainer
Memorabilia - Act of Compliance
Moin - Yep Yep
Lonker See - Gdynia80
Chain & The Gang - Deathbed Confession


Squid are a Bristol-based experimental band signed to Warp records. Their residency at Noods has given them the opportunity to make their own awful jingles and justify their increasing monetary investments in post-punk, new-wave and electronic records.

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