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Artist — Track Name

Tape - Escape your Shape
75 Dollar Bill - Every Last Coffee or Tea
Harmonia - Tiki Taka
Giulio Erasmus - Collapsed, Speech
Scientist - Taxi To Baltimore Dub
Horace Andy - Drop Off
Nicolini - Sopratutto
Carlo - Wasser Zu Wein
Burial - Old Tape
Straws - Run-cup-duoi
Romance - Endless Love
Jon Hassell - Toucan Ocean
isotope 217 - La Jetee
The Childrens Hour - Leader Soldier
Clarissa Connelly - An Embroidery
Mount Kimbe - Empty and Silent (Feat. King Krule)
Broadcast - In Here The World Begins
Actress - Maze
Legowelt - Danger In The Air
Leron Carson - Red Lightbulb
Factory Floor - Dial Me In
??? - MUB121
Rezzett - Twizzta
Neil Landstrumm - Ringbinder
Gladio - De Astra Planeti
Epsilon 9 - lifeformation (Infernal Machine Remix)


Squid are a Bristol-based experimental band signed to Warp records. Their residency at Noods has given them the opportunity to make their own awful jingles and justify their increasing monetary investments in post-punk, new-wave and electronic records.

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