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Sporecast w/ Plantera

  • Psychedelic
  • Chug
  • Trance
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Mogambo - Plya
Ground - Stone Bridge (Mogambo 4am Psy Dub)
Genuine - Theilaxu (Kumharas Mix)
Phat Konrtrollerz - Flat Control (auratekh repitch)
Kiwiiabue - Notte Stellata
Unknown Artist - Stairway To The Mushroom
Tadan - Initiation (ROTCIV Trans Mix)
Aes Dana - Transit
Lazuli - Waterworld
Jacques Satre - Ouyaa
Sepher - Diaspora Cocktail (Freaky Beat Mix)
Volta Cab - Praxis Und Theorie
Dienzephalon - Elektroakupunktur
Sunju Hargun - Chale (Marc Pinol Dub)


Step into Plantera - an Earth-like planet thriving in a distant galaxy. Home to sounds that vibrate through every aspect of the ecosystem; where the lines between space and nature are blurred via psychedelic means, leading those who tune in to question realities. Pushing obscure & forward-thinking sounds that pay homage to our terrestrial roots whilst reaching out to the extra-terrestrial

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