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Sporecast Radio w/ Tilly & Balouu

  • - Folk - Psychedelic - Stoner Rock - Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Terrence McKenna - The Mushroom Speaks
The Magic Tramps - Magic In The Moonlight
??? - ???
??? - ???
Irma Glen - Aspiration
Nodens Ictus - Way Of The Wind
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Cloud Munta
Sjunne Ferger - Destiny
Brainticket - Jardins
Ozric Tentacles - Lull Your Skull
Nodens Ictus - The Melding Of The Mythical Minds

LA Screamin Popeyes - Brainforest
Funharm - Mushroom Fog
These Trails - Garden Botanum
Majority One - Looks Like Rain
C.J. Otter - Hideaway
DST - Mescalito Prince Of Winged Serpents
Paul Roland - Wyndham Hill
Monads Of Mangonia - Special Brew


Sometimes on Noods, sometimes in the club. Expect synth-pop, disco not disco, wave not wave and gems of all kinds, led by Tilly, long standing Noods Radio resident based in Bristol.

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