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Sporecast Radio w/ Katya Sykes, Bristol Fungarium & Sophie Strand

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  • Spiritual Jazz
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Your Host Katya Sykes

Image taken by @hatfidkin & @hannahsuharto

'Fungal HERstory: How Women Shaped Mycology' extract
By Mara Penfil and Fern Katz.
Published in Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing and Working with Fungi, Peter McCoy

'Mycelium and Myth',
by Sophie Strand

'The Geometry of Fungi', extract
Radical Mycology, Peter McCoy


Bristol Fungarium

'To Fear Fungi', extract
Radical Mycology, Peter McCoy

Kiik Amor

Artist — Track Name

Baka Pygmies - Song For Gathering Mushrooms
Joel Vandroogenbroek - Far View
The Incredible String Band - Witches Hat
Julianna Barwick - Labyrinthine
Katya Sykes & Hat Fidkin - Lions Mane Biosonification
Roberto Musci - Water Music
Ariel Kalma - First Light
Hands of The Heron - Watercolour Fade
Eurythmy & Katya Sykes - Ethereal Void Roaming
Nico - Frozen Warnings
Roberto Musci - Voices of The Ancient
The Future Sound of London - Cascade
Sync 24 - Comforable Void
Kiik Amor - Into the Depths Unveiled we go
Bettina Maureen - The Mystery