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Sounds Of My Mind - Reflect w/ Medis

  • Alternative R&B
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  • Ambient
  • Dubstep
Artist — Track Name

Teebs - While You Doo
Shlomo Asleep On The
John Galcier - Timing
Actress - Our
LCY Garden of E 10
Botany - In This Community
John Galcier - Trelawny Waters
Teebs - Why Like This
??? - Days Of harvest
Baba Stillz - Running to Chad (Dj Python 'Opho' Remix)
Botany - Aya
Bones - Color Televison
Vegyn - All Bass All Bass
John Galcier - On Formulation
Samba - Yellow
Shlomo - The End
Lorraine James - Glitcch Bitch
Fracture & Sam Binga - Maps
Smerz - Blessed
SAULT - Wild Fires
Medis - Fortune Riddim

Sounds Of My Mind w/ Medis

Expressing emotion through sound. Medis & Friends dive into dusty records and sentimental memories to share songs close to her heart and spread more positive energies through the interwebs.

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