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Sonics Proper w/ Neglect

  • Drone
  • Drone Bass
  • Drum & Bass
  • Dub Techno
  • Shoegaze

Neglect (Arizona based artist and musician Joseph Valentino) is an ambient music project that chronicles the beauty of the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest with sparse, elliptical melodic fragments on guitar and synths. Valentino also spent the better part of the 1990's exploring the world of techno and house music, buying turntables and teaching himself how to mix records. This mix submitted for Sonics Proper digs into his small but vital collection of drum and bass records from the later part of the 90s with a few odds and ends thrown into the blender for some audio goop and grime

Artist — Track Name

Neglect - Cap De Creus
Neglect - Eclipse Dub
Neglect - The Natural World Destroyed By The Egos Of Men
Neglect - Rhyolite
Neglect - Limited Sight Distance
Neglect - No Time Feels More Alone Than Night (kona mix)
Neglect Mix -
Octagon Man - - The Second Shape
Youngman - - Bad Box
DJ Teebee - - Droids
DJ Krust - - Soul In Motion
Matrix - - Double Vision
PFM - - One and Only
D.O.P.E. - - The Contract
Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce - - Cutslo (lokuste mix)
Trace - - Sphere
Krust - - Cold War
Lemon D - - Two Techniques (Dillinja remix)
unknown - (unknown white label)
Teebee - - Dynasty Warriors
JMJ & Richie - - Free La Funk (PFM remix)
Wax Doctor - - Heat
Natural Mystic - - Tension (Spirit remix)
Optical - - Moving 808s
Dom and Optical - - Concrete Shoes

Sonics Proper w/ Best Available Technology

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