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Sonics Proper w/ Tony F Wilson

  • Digi-Dancehall
  • Drum & Bass
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Minimal Synth
  • Post-rock

"In the mid 90s Tony F. Wilson collaborated with members of Seefeel, Slowdive and Sonic Youth in the musical projects Zurich and Echo Park. Around the same time he co-promoted and legendary ambient-techno club night Quirky in Brixton in addition to writing for i-D and Trance Europe Express. In 2005, he contributed to the apocalyptic-folk ensemble Knives ov Resistance for the Aurora Borealis label. Since moving to Oslo in 2007 he has partnered with artist Are Mokkelbost in the club concept Dausteg and recorded with Ted Parsons in Necessary and featured in the noise project Human Inferno . His latest collaboration with Timon Botez (Botez & Wilson) - an LP entitled The Skull of God Splinters and No One Hears, will be released by Weltschmerz Verlag in the very near future."

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Sonics Proper w/ Best Available Technology

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