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Silver Waves - Notte Infinita Takeover

  • ambient
  • dub techno
  • folk
  • spoken word
  • doom
Artist — Track Name

Artist / Track Nmae

Nueen - Iris
Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic)
Radio Slave - All I Think About Is Death (Radio Slave Atmos)
Varg - Forever 21 / Valium w/ Chloe Wise
Andrew Pekler - Encounter
Karamika - TON 2.2
Tarkovsky - prayer scene from Nostalgia
Notte Infinita - Untitled
Exael - Papillion
Delia Derbyshire - The Dreams - Land
Collector Base Emitter - I Worship The Sun
Davide Luciani - Cenere
Jenny Hval - Lions (feat. Vivian Wang)
Against All Logic - If Loving You Is Wrong
Mark Fell - INTRA-8
Sonnymoon - Just Before Dawn
Boards Of Canada - Echus (Live)
Ungaretti - La poesia è poesia quando porta in sé un segreto

Silver Waves

Bristol based producer Silver Waves plays it cool once a month

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