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Sequins at Noon: Heaven

  • Balearic
  • Classic Disco
  • Jungle
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Dan Hardman - Relight My Fire
Miguel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time
Earlene Bentley - The Boys Come to Town Around Midnight
The Skatt Bothers - Walk The Night
Eastbound Expressway - Primitive Desire
Fallout - The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)
Orbital - Chime
We Are I.E. - Lennie de Ice
Leviticus - Burial
Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style
DJ Hype - Hello Lover
D-Shake - Techno Trance

Sequins At Noon

Strap in as we catch a rainbow through queer sound and space. Sequins at Noon is a show that taps into the history, club-culture and music scenes that created the vibrant queer nightlife we know today.

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