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Semi Peppered w/ Barnprogram

  • Experimental
  • Ambient
  • Spoken Word
  • Modern Classical
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

jensen (radio aporee) - FRAPPANT vs. IKEA (Hamburg)
Berliner Theorie - Kassel
pmailkeey - thick bleach
Vincent Duseigne (radio aporee) - Elbtunnel
BBC - Getting Into Trouble (Burnley)
i Napoti di Faraone - Prendi l'Osso e Corri
Ge-Suk Yeo - Dalbuk
Verdenskang - And There It Is Side 1
Malaria! - Thrash Me
CVSKET MVTCH - Geisterlord II
Sugababes - Overload (SMD Remix)
bopapocalypse. - elegance.
Yuichiro Fujimoto - An Octave of Shells
BBC - The World of Grown-Ups (Manchester)
Osamu Sato - Circuit Training
Cortex - Cortex Q
Xisle - Telerobotics
Derren Lee Poole - Building Site
La Fondation - Titre No.1
Λένα Πλάτωνος - ερωτες Το Καλοκαίρι
Terry Fox - Culvert
Sub S Ritual + Pacific 231 - 9 Mélodies Blessées, Side 1
Bene Gesserit - Could You?
Psyche - Eternal (live in Kassel)
Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa - Piste 10
Human Flesh - Movie Human 7th Event
JAR - Down to Zero
Osamu Sato - Eight Beat Infinity
Sub S Ritual + Pacific 231 - 9 Mélodies Blessées, Side 2
fmvee - sobbing
Remi Wolf - Street That You Live On


Semi Peppered are a Bristol-based digital label and collective. Since early 2016 Semi Peppered have been running regular residents nights across the city, hosting an eclectic mix series and live show, as well as releasing music from producers around the south-west.

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