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Chris Watson - River Mara at Dawn. Maasai Mara, Kenya
Maryanne Amacher - Pt. 3 Bags
Francesco Cavaliere - Xilo Obachia Que Tentenna
Nick Malkin - Half Asleep In The Zodiac Lounge
V/Z - Habadash feat. Cathy Lucas
Hajj - Vox Tenebrae
Clock DVA - genitals and gnosis
Martyna Basta - It Could Be As It Was Forever (feat. claire rousay)
Dj Lostboi - Don't Worry (Child Mix)
Broshuda - Lied Fuer Hase (feat. Mo Chan)
Delia Derbyshire - Colour
Aaron Cupples - Sand Return
James Rushford - Terrace
Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett - Song On The Beach

Self-care w/ unperson

Self-care explores the sonic worlds of corporate well-being media. Zone out to a collage of plunderphonics, field recordings, disembodied voices and experiential sound design. In knowing nothing life is most delightful.

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