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Seed & Scythe w/ Daniella Vinci

  • Field Recordings
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Spiritual Jazz
  • Drone
Artist — Track Name

Vivian Stanshall - Yelp, Bellow, Rasp Et Ecetera
John Beltran - A Child's Place
Jocelyn Pook - Requim Aeternam
Fong Naam - Ma Ram (the Dancing Horse)
Jonathan Goldman - Angel of Sound
Fong Naam - Suite from the Sepha Chant
Xiu Xiu - Laura Palmer Theme
Bardo Pond - Limerick
Roger Eno - Amukidi
Kinit Her - Plainchating [Version]
Alice Coltrane - Ganesha
Don Robertson - Gateless Gate - When?
Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Huun Huur-Tu - Legend

Seed & Scythe w/ Daniella Vinci

Seed and Scythe casting spells of cosmic contemplation encompassing drone, doom, jazz, folk, vocal incantations, weird, and psychedelia. Spirited by Daniella Vinci, tune in for your monthly sonic meditation and drop out of the earth and into the cosmos for 60 mins.

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