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Sanguine Sounds w/ Switch Back Smith

  • Minimalism
  • Fourth World
  • Experimental
  • Drone
  • Folk
Artist — Track Name

Steve Reich - Come Out
Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians Section IIIa
Steve Reich - City Life I. Check It Out
Terry Riley - Sunrise of The Planetary Dream (Live in Cologne 1995)
Terry Riley - G Song
Terry Riley - G Song
Julius Eastman - Femenine
Jon Hassell - Ravinai, Vancouver
Pauline Olivieros - Rattlesnake Mountain
William Basinski - DLP1.1
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis Three
Philip Glass - Cloudscape
La Monte Young - Celebration Of The Tortoise
Lunda Luhat, PeLimbu - Sampeq Penihing

Sanguine Sounds w/ Switch Back Smith

A documentation of a constant search for the weirdest, most wonderful, new and exciting sounds from all ends of the sonic spectrum.

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