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sadsugar w/ Pearl

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Artist — Track Name

Mod-R - Blockline Buffer
Liebus - Sticks n' Stones
E-Unity - Tallarita
Awo Ojiji - Recess
Au Contraire - Conga Worm (Let Me Tell You)
Anunaku - Teleported
Stusta - Dishu
An Aurin - Plata (Sonio Calico Remix)
Princess Nokia - Cybiko
8ULENTINA - Upward Spiral
Xiao Quan and DJ Lose - Trap Melee Rush (instrumental)
CA$TLE - King
Air Max '97 - Coriolis
Namasenda - Unlimited Ammo
Industry dogs - Kickpuncher
DJ これからの緊急災害 - FVCK THE PA1N AWAY
Voluptus - End Of The Human Race
DJ Sickfuck - Rich Bitch NRG

a twist of lemon w/ sadsugar

Exploring sadsugar's flavours of the month, focusing on club-curated sounds with some sweet twists thrown in to taste.

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