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Renunciation of the Self

  • Ambient
  • Post-Punk
  • Dark-Wave
  • Experimental

1 hour trip dedicated to melancholic darkwave, ethereal and introspective tracks, expect artists like Edward Ka-Spel, Cranes, Lycia and Leya.

Artist — Track Name

Dead Can Dance Severance
Cranes Cloudness
Lycia Bare
Cocteau Twins Strange fruit
Sólveig Mathildur Unexpected Miseries
Black Tape for a Blue Girl Bastille Day, 1961
Lebanon Hanover Come Kali Come
Coil Tainted Love (cover)
Lacrimosa Loblied auf die Zweisamkeit
Edward Ka-Spel Blowing bubbles
Einstürzende Neubauten Armenia
Leya 666 feat. Eartheater

Renunciation of the Self w/ Lucas Alvardo

Lucas Alvarado will immerse into his inner God by trance to bring to this world an experimental Dj set through experimental electronic music, field recordings, contemporary and post-music.

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