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June Tabor - Mayn Rue Platz
Patrick O'Hearn - At First Light
Hybla - Finis Africae
Archie Shepp - Pulse Of the Root
Gabriel Yared - C'est le Vent, Betty
Efendi's Garden - Fisherman
Kenny Graham and his Sun - Sunrise
Lord Pusswhip - Endurminning
Atlas Sound - The Light That Failed
Acidliner - Blood Op
Marvin Pontiac - Small Car
Dean Blunt - Nil By Mouth
Car Culture - Club Soda
Bedouin - Joy Riding 3
Joviale - Zero Cool
Nguzunguzu - Just a Touch
Loraine James - Reflection
Jeanne Lee And Ran Blake - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Zsela - Earlier Days (Umfang remix)
LAFAWNDAH - You, At The End
Stereo Nova - Ilithia Asteia
Kirk DeGeorgio - Seyfert's Sextext
Baba Stiltz - Sun Dance
Bullion - O Vermona
E.L Gang - Japanese Love
Acidliner - Shame Mi
Pub - Summer