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Rec Room w/ Kessler

  • Footwork
  • Electro
  • Techno
  • Jungle
  • Breakbeat

High octane breakbeat, electro cuts and rave energy from Rotterdam based producer Kessler.

Artist — Track Name

NISSIM - Under It All
Matt Finegan - Clap Back
Volruptus & Jensen Interceptor - Alien Realm
Herron - Dead Frogs Down
Blawan - Spooky Fingers
DJ Mell G x Destroy - BACK2BACK
Highlimiter - Other Sides, Dirty Love
Mean-E - Gimme Dat
Snow Bone - DYNA
S.P.Y - Don't You Leave
Jantes - TSIP & LEITH
Arca - Rip The Slit
Coco Bryce - Get Shwifty
Philip D Kick - Funk 160
LMajor - Wow Signal
Dream Continuum - Giv a Lil Luv
Samuarai Breaks - Supa
DJ Taktix - The Way (VIP Mix)

Rec Room

We need a room." That was the conclusion of a talk Sarah, Uta and Kepler had over dinner in 2013. A room where we can play whatever we want and with whom we want. And this is exactly what we're going to do at the Rec Room. In 2019 our Rec Room crew gained the extremely talented LUZ1E. The previous year, we booked her for our party and instantly became fans. Together we want to show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds. There will be room for experiments and adventure as well as booty shaking dancefloor mayhem. There will be guests or no guests, well known or unknown. Just as we like it. A room for re-creation. Roots, Space & Vision.

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