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Radio Limbo

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Artist — Track Name

VHS Head - Instar

Mathew Herbert - The Horse's Hair And Skin Are Stretched
The Furrow Collective - The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Der Leiermann)
Matt Frost - I Cant Copenhagen
DJ POP SHUV - Dreams Of The Salad Bar - Almost Nice

Antwan - ICYMIKEFRESHJORDANS! - Pass The dutch Compilation (Organic Beat Sessions)
RND1 - CaseyChestWax

Heatnavi mix

Young Echo - Kidney punch

Young Echo - Red Dot, Green Light

Eusebeia - Repose

Traverse - J:Kenzo

Om Unit - Wall of Light

Soreab - Insomnias

Gulls - Alchemical Uprise

Badawi - Qaher III

Doon Kanda - Nastasya

Lakker - Juggling of Numbers


Fellony - Signal Jam
DJ POP SHUV - Limited Time Only - Almost Nice
via dekum - Preacher in the Park
Lupo - Tape arpeggios

Radio Limbo

An adventurous hour of beats, ambient, dub and electronic sounds from the discerning Limbo Tapes team. This meticulously arranged and thoughtfully curated program creates an otherworldly listening experience, complete with bespoke sonic branding, and sketches in signature Limbo style. Expect cinematic transitions, peculiar characters and transporting sound design, plus new and exclusive music from the exploratory limbo-sphere.

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