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Queen Of Hearts w/ Kofo

  • Soul
  • Street Soul
  • Funk
Artist — Track Name

Olivia Dean - Getting There
Sasha Keeble - That's The Shit
Reuben James - Means The World
Reuben James - Searching
Masego - Who Cares Anyway
Kirby - We don't Funk
Jorja Smith - She Feels
SAULT - Why why why why why
Masego - What You Wanna Try
Yussef dayes - Rust
Carrtoons - Grace
Gotts Street Park - Mountains
Gotts Street Park - Got To be Good
Jungle - Holding on
Jungle - back on 74
Stevie Wonder - Did I hear you say you love me
Jungle - Candle Flame
Janelle Monet - Black Sugar Beach
Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster (jammin)
Charles Bradley - The Telephone Song
Charles Bradley - The World (is going up in flames)

Queen Of Hearts w/ Kofo

Queen of Hearts is a show for the lovers and the passionate. When she’s not playing some of her favourite sultry and soulful tunes, catch Kofo as she talks through different subjects and topics that have caught her eye that month. From films, to history, psychology and more, join Kofo as she picks the brains of the passionate.

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