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  • Cosmic
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Dub
  • Post-Punk
  • Industrial
Artist — Track Name

Production Unit Xero - Hymn To Orlandre
Sabla - Safe Journey
Steve Pepe - Sincope
Le Petit - Niente
Mr TC - Drome
Pugilist - Static
Christ & Cosey - The Gates of Ancient Cities
London Underground - Rise and Fall
EXEK - Several Souvenirs
Mouth - Yahoo!
Vox Populi - Mush Dubby Gnarls & Vrooms
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin'
New Age Steppers/Creation Rebel - Chemical Specialist
Prince Douglas - North of the Border Dub


Quade are a Bristol-based four piece. Our show is an exploration of the outer reaches of our musical influences with a foundation built from hypnotic motifs and rhythms, spacious arrangements, and a strong sense of mood.

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