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Delay in Orbit - PRSS
Ubaldo - Des d'aqui, gracies per l'intercanvi
Devonanon - Oslo
Abdur Razzaq & Rafiyq - Reflections From The Grave
Aidan Baker, Tim Wyskida, Daron Beck - Druga
Military Genius - The Runner
J.TRIPP - K:1 Mode
Pablo's Eye - Different Observers
Vanessa Bedoret - Viper
Trip Shrubb - Trewwer
Graypine - Juneau
Poorly Drawn House - Like the Winter Evening


Quade are a Bristol-based four piece. Our show is an exploration of the outer reaches of our musical influences with a foundation built from hypnotic motifs and rhythms, spacious arrangements, and a strong sense of mood.

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