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Artist — Track Name

Gentle Stranger - Otherwise Idle
Pavel Milyakov & Yana Pavblova - Halo
Riki Gooch + Alistair Fraser - Ngaa Tuuhhono
Kanada 70 - Doubles
Adam Coney - Viaduct
Crescent - Shadow
Faust - Vorzat
Plus Instruments - Deutsche Frau
Pro-D - Knife On Top
Monika Werkstat & Sonae - Between Two Worlds
Sepher - Neophyte Delight
Ike Yard - NCR
Still House Plants - More More Faster


Quade are a Bristol-based four piece. Our show is an exploration of the outer reaches of our musical influences with a foundation built from hypnotic motifs and rhythms, spacious arrangements, and a strong sense of mood.

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