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  • Ambient
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  • Drone
  • Cold wave
Artist — Track Name

Martyn Bennet - Wedding
Valeda - One Harm (007 remix)
Aqueduct Ensemble - To Close Without Saving
Adam Bandi Donoval - Birdsong in the Carpark
Mattias De Craene - Lady Dady
Mu Tate - Cicada Break
Zaumne - Tete
Sydney Spann - Possesion
Kirk Barley - The Night
People Skills - Atlantic City
Organizatsiya - Ophelia
Geier Aus Stahl - Fur Immer
Hyperdawn - Say It So
Lemta Toro - Still Timbres
Spivak - The Fucking Bed On The Floor
D Shutt - Gelb


Quade are a Bristol-based four piece. Our show is an exploration of the outer reaches of our musical influences with a foundation built from hypnotic motifs and rhythms, spacious arrangements, and a strong sense of mood.

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