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pseudo pseudo w/ TRii Group

  • Jazz Fusion
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Fourth World
  • Folk

Music spelling out some strangely familiar things from deepest Cologne.

Artist — Track Name

Unknown - Rythmicon Example
Black Dice - Endless Happiness
Bear Bones, Lay Low - Curled Up
Barjek - Mangakote Duckpile
Yosa Peit - Anthy
Olev Muska - Ilus neiu kiigel
Kiri UU - Mis Sa Kavva Kodun Teid
Pretty Sneaky - Drims
2Morph - 🌛🌛
Green Loc - Syouth (remake)
F. Ponge - Pauses
Trjj - Interlude DX 1.3
Tulips - Porta
Palm - Swimmer
Trii Brown - Poulsen Saedrup Seq.
Hipólito - Neujahrs Wandelen
Ray Lynch - Cooking It Till It’s Hot
Derek Baron - Counterfeiters of All Types (excerpt)
Cindy Lee - One Second To Toe The Line

pseudo pseudo

Meanderings through experimental and under-loved sounds of the left and centre fields with Sangre Voss and his pseudo friends. Born from the ashes of the phonedrop project, pseudo pseudo has since stayed tugging at those peripheral genres and holding them tight.

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