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pseudo pseudo w/ Latifa Punk

  • Industrial
  • Spoken Word
  • Experimental
  • Musique Concrète
  • Hip-Hop

Jaffa-based collagist and sculptor in secret Latifa Punk brings an hour of post-2020 extrospection.

Artist — Track Name

Kilchofer - Chogal [intro]
Meredith Monk - Fire Dance
Despicable Zee - 0-1
Broken Penis Orchestra - Oral Copulation Part 2 + Music by Lost Bodies
Jarboe - Caught
Latifa Punk - Search
George Carlin - [spoken]
AJA - Tuck It, Tape It
Pete Seeger - What Did You Learn in School Today?
Kaiti Grey - Money is Talking (Greek)
Shoeb Ahmad - #8 (ft Erasers)
Brenda Lee - [sample]
Harrge - War
Katea - Blomstick Tragellae!
Latifa Punk - Post Trauma
Natali Cohen Vaxberg - []
Saint Abdullah - Void of Veil and Curtain
Haq 123 - Spirit of the Living God
Brigitte Fontaine - Break 2
Comfort - Promises to Heal Divisions
Jiddu Krishnamurti - [spoken]
Porest - Passport Please
Meatraffle - The Day the Earth Stood Still
Utah Phillips - Sump the Bosses of Your Back

pseudo pseudo

Meanderings through experimental and under-loved sounds of the left and centre fields with Sangre Voss and his pseudo friends. Born from the ashes of the phonedrop project, pseudo pseudo has since stayed tugging at those peripheral genres and holding them tight.

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