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Kai Whiston - Between Lures
Sarahsson - A Selfish Trust
Sarahsson - Racing The Well
Sarahsson - I Am The Earth
Marina Herlop - Lyssof
Objekt - Bad Apples
Fractal Fantasy - She Gives Me Love (Sinjin Hawke Edit)
Objekt - Ballast
All Saints - Pure Shores
SHE Spells Doom - Rudrick
Timbaland - Give It To Me
Analias - Say It Again
Gavsborg - The Answer Is Always Nick
Pluralist - Console
Nwando Ebzie - The Swan
Alex Coulton - Submerged
Jakatta - American Dream
Arma - It's Not Baile


Bristol selector Proverb is on a mission to condense an all-night rave odyssey into a 1-hour show for the people every single month on Noods Radio. Journeying through genres and tempos from the sublime to the ridiculous, pushing the sounds of twisted R&B, techno, jungle, hardcore, jersey club and outer-limits electronica.

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