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Artist — Track Name

dego - the disclaimer
moritz van oswald - chapter 4
cheers - pursuit grooves
koffee - rapture
oneohtrix - nothing's special
andy stott - it should be us
dego - the negative positive
t-coy - carino
ase manual - Up Eddy's
lyra pramuk - tendril
contour - love suit no. 1
bell curve - evapourate
M.P Productions - be like water
A.G - do little
Borai - need you
india jordan - and groove


Bristol selector Proverb is on a mission to condense an all-night rave odyssey into a 1-hour show for the people every single month on Noods Radio. Journeying through genres and tempos from the sublime to the ridiculous, pushing the sounds of twisted R&B, techno, jungle, hardcore, jersey club and outer-limits electronica.

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