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Pressure Dome w/ Different Shades

  • Techno
  • Drum & Bass
  • UK Techno
  • Broken Beat
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

First Hour

Nueen - Diagrams Of Thought
Bas Dobbelaer & Vand - Tansit
Kincid - Gutter
Soreab - Drunken Ballad
Less-O - Movimiento
Second. ft. Simo Cell - Smile
Tongji - Hanuman (Dub mix)
DJ Swisha - Freakbody (Dub mix)
Mafou - Evom
Coe - 1v1
Glances - Swagger In Bricks
Plebeian - Split Personality
Alan Johnson - Stillness
Forest Drive West - Parallel Space
A Psychic Yes - Moss

Guest Mix

LOIF - Instinct (ambience)
Dividens - Fault Lines (forthcoming on Steeplejack)
Ghost Warrior - Videodrome
Jan Loup - Admit Defeat
Overlook - Travelling Without Moving
Mukuna - Tera
Ruff Cherry - Tricky Dice
Christian Coiffure - Dreamers At Work (Live Version)
Bufo Bureau - Contact
DBR - Tiny Dopamine Hits
Agonis - King Cobra Not Happy
Clarity - Cyclone (feat. Indigo)
Tonto - Congo Burn
Crossing Avenue - Ilva
Sam Brickel - Speaking Through Machines (Consulate Remix)
C.B.D - Chaos By Design
Xenodermus - Spinning Plates
KW - Rats Mixing
Polygonia - König des Waldes
LCP - Even Alteration
Bimbotronic - Alpha

Pressure Dome

Traversing BPMs, energies and moods, Pressure Dome invite guests who exemplify their love of a unique and experimental approach to dance music with a lean towards the broken, dark and weird.

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