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Poorly Knit w/ Bruce

  • Leftfield House
  • Reggae
  • Downtempo
  • Dub Techno
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Tradecraft - Approaching Cruelty
Kinzua - Heidi & Peter
Number One - Life
SnP500 - Reduce Something
Aquatic Themes - Feb
DJ Ojo - Unction to Function
Madteo - We Doubt (You Can Make It)
Kincaid - Cairn
MM/KM - Lost in NPE2
Theo Parrish - Cypher Delight
DBN Gogo & Felo Le Tee - Shuck n Jive
Ossia - Red X (Vertigo Version)
Bruce and Isabella Martin - ????
Morgan Buckley - Heavy Traffic
Battista - Helps Ground Fighting
Haron - Pantala
DJ Pitch - Marcus
Vessel - Temples
Soeen Jahan - 20a
Planetary Assault Systems - Exploration of the Racist
Laurel Halo - Sex Mission
Shackleton - Powerplant
Millie and Andrea - Gunshot
Nkls - Social Hypnosis
Gobby - Viewing Hrzzz
Muslimguaza - Salman Pak, Baghdad
Kinlaw - Earthwork ft Rs Tangent
O$VMV$M - Abbey
African Head Charge - Hole in the Roof
ESG - Dance
The Clash - Bankrobber/Robber Dub
Nuthead - Terrorists

Poorly Knit w/ Bruce

Like a sweater poorly knit: threading together timbres; sewing sounds, soft and sharp; clicking and clacking, carefree; knotting up, patiently unpicked; all to become, sweetly undone. Bruce is threadbare and thriving. Come pull on his loose thread and watch it unravel.

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