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Polity Records w/ Persimm

  • Bass
  • Techno
  • Dubstep
Artist — Track Name

Glass - Valentino Mora [Spazio Disponibile]
To My Planet - Theo Muller [Krakzh]
Summer In October - Kletis [Diffuse Reality]
Sivapuranam (Stevie R and Parisinos Remix) - Harry Shanthi [Sinchi]
Fabaceae Family - Nice Girl [Public Possession]
Variegation (Floating Machine Remix) - Martin Nonstatic [Ultimae]
Beyond the Window - Klens [Klens]
Pangaea - Digital Swamp [Universal Tribe]
Diaoul (A Strange Wedding Remix) - Theo Muller [Lumière Noire Records]
303 WATER - INVT & Jonny From Space [INVT]
Religion Rebel - Tamburi Neri [Les Disques De La Mort]
Palo Santo - Empty Club Mix [Persimm Edit] - Jon Beige [Global Warming Records]
El Cartel del Sangria - A Strange Wedding [Worst]
Damâa (Original Mix) - Malcolm feat. ڭليثرGlitter٥٥ [Biologic Records]
Chieftan Groove - Farloh [whypeopledance]
Getih Jagat (Gatra Remix) - Hxxmo [GABE GABE TAPES]
The Sake of Talking - Jon Beige [Global Warming Records]
Ama - Tamburi Neri of & Hiroko [Worst]
the valley cannot hide the mountain - Dom McDonald [Dom McDonald]

Polity Records

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