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Playing Patterns w/ EM + STAV

  • Techno
  • UK Techno
Artist — Track Name

Sangre Voss - Ramen Whispers
Piezo - TB2 (with K-Lone)
Jurango - Retreat Ites
Objekt - Ballast
NORA DRUM - Lungfish - NORA DRUM & Lithe
Henzo - Iron Lighter (Mosca's Ferromagnetic Version)
Significant Other - Little Blue Pills
Toma Kami - Amapicante
Etch - Pluto's Groove
BFTT - feelins2
Air Max '97 - Eat The Rich
SP:MC - Slugfest
Jack Chrysalis - Coldharbour
Paradox - Octa4

Playing Patterns w/ Em & Stav

Playing Patterns is a monthly show hosted by Em & Stav. The duo rifle through decades of house, techno, and beyond plus invite occasional guest selectors along for the ride.

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