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Playing Patterns w/ DJ Winggold & Nolou

  • Dubstep
  • Pop
  • IDM
  • Jungle
Artist — Track Name

Webbed feet - Genetic Code (presented by LOIF and Asma)
Agonis - Algoflash
KoTa - Shiya (Don't DJ Remix)
Exoterran - Phlight
Edmondson - Y2K (Glow Mix)
PinkPantheress - Where you are (feat. WILLOW)
Usher - Climax (Slink LFTF)
Katatonic Silento - On The Edge Of Unthought State
Vector Trancer - Zit'ets Mending
Azu Tiwaline - Deep Theko
Cartridge - Conquer Hell
NGHT DRPS - Bad Bones
Enayet - Hathi
Air Max ‘97 - Collapsing Void
Nahash, SNKLS - Amon Tobin
Big Kani - Error
Om Unit - Gabrielle Edit
Small Car NRG - Overkill (Stolen Velour Remix)
Ploy - Stinky
Zuli - Trigger Finger (GHOZT remix)
Neffa T - Up with Me
Fraxinus - Interlocked
Ghostwhip - Industry
aya - moonlighting
ITSUFO - G Rinse out 9596
Burial - Archangel (Neekeetone Remix)

Playing Patterns w/ Em & Stav

Playing Patterns is a monthly show hosted by Em & Stav. The duo rifle through decades of house, techno, and beyond plus invite occasional guest selectors along for the ride.

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