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Artist — Track Name

Strawberry Swisher - kin
The Stuoid Set - Basset
Julmud - Taghyeer Thabet
Bodynet - Live Dub Fire Burning
Carrageenan - Commodo/incommodo
Mick Harris - No lifting
Depuis-avant - Afterwork Work
TBZ - Bad Habit Loop
Skitungen - jag viLL baRa ha aLLt
Hoshina Anniversary - Irahu
Sam Reverse - Mystical Ninja
Malachi Constant - Whale Hunt
Innsyter - Modus Operandi IV
David J Bull - Body gum
Assymetrical - Mistake at Work
Job Sifre - Intex Excursions
Brassfoot - Ceremonial Glass
Julmud - Kessara
DJ Scriby - S3
Beau Wanzer - My Favourite Fan
L/F/M/D - Acid Spoon
FOQL - Escapist Dubbbb Machine
Wilted woman - Snoopy Wisdom
ShellShock - Intro
Geier Aus Stall - Wohin
Chorus Abstracta - Kashmere
Nocturnal Emissions - Energy Crisis Dub
The Book of Flowers - The White Dress
Skitungen - inga dRo mmaR kvaR
Sensational - Fancy Shit
Tony Price - Empire


Plaque is a record label ran by Bristol's long time promoter, selector and producer Matt Light aka Yokel - part of the Avon Terror Corps and Slack Alice crews. Two hours, 7pm every fourth Monday of the month.

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