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Artist — Track Name

ebi - itsuki
Rollercone - Daydreaming
A Psychic Yes - Maze Dream (Sapphire Slows Remix)
Tornado Wallace (feat. Sui Zhen) - Today
Entheogenic - Aranyanyara (Abakus Remix)
B-Zet - Kisses
Paramida - 33
Hi-Fi Companions - Swingers in Paradise
RAS - Do Your Dance (Discless Main CD Mix)
Beanfield - The Season (Swag's Vocal Mix)
Eugene Pascal - Logic Eclipse
Bandalu x Richard Sen - Amaranth' - Love Lies Bleeding
Echomen - Orient
Nice Girl - Ha Ha Ha
Third Son - Take Care of Each Other (Nathan Micay's Plethora Euphorianic Remix)
Anderson - Protoza
Baraka - World of Content (Glen S Spacefunk Remix)
Sam Brickel - Hit Em Up
Blu:sh - Beats for the Bogs
Sleep D - Textile
Necton - Bongraiders
Rosa Terenzi - Gush
Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Cozy Nation
Olsyanger - Septum Heelrz
Squidge - Yucca
Lisene - Square One
Solar Suite - Big Drift
Fazack - Live Wire (Tripped Out Mix)


Step into Plantera - an Earth-like planet thriving in a distant galaxy. Home to sounds that vibrate through every aspect of the ecosystem; where the lines between space and nature are blurred via psychedelic means, leading those who tune in to question realities. Pushing obscure & forward-thinking sounds that pay homage to our terrestrial roots whilst reaching out to the extra-terrestrial

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