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Artist — Track Name

Dub Surgeon - Untitled Dub 1
Human Flesh - Rust
Seltene Erden - Temporal Earth Stone
Offer Tisser - Danni's Dub - Tofistock
Elisse Massoni - Ciao Bello
Renegade Soundwave - Bacteria
Pilgrims Of The Mind - Chase
Parris - Yurei
Konduku - Seker
Yoni - Aquasonics
Merci Pierre feat. Mathieu Deranlot - Boa
Priori - On A Nimbus
Blaktroniks - Safari
The Sons of Silence - Going To Fat
Leven Signs - Prague Spring
Chari Chari - Nanban Lights & Shadows
Baird Remo - Amira
Higher Intelligence Agency - 3P
Cooly G - Fuck With You
Deadbeat - Gudrun
Object Agency - They Only Live To Get Radical
A Rocket In Dub - Train Dub
Andrea Parker - Undercurrents
Mashed - Misty
Dr. Sci - Emotions Babe
Some Other People - Space Jungle
Time To Trance - Time To Time
Okihide - Corn Plant


An off-kilter soundworld with a soft spot for the direct and hedonistic. From ethereal tones and dubbed-out psychedelics to half-cut electronics and grit-smattered percussions – wander the oddball pathways.

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