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People's Avant-Garde w/ Hibotep

  • Bass
  • Beats
  • Club
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Trap

Nobody has a sharper eye for the dancefloor than global icon Hibotep; bass and beats from Kampala

Artist — Track Name

Puce Mary - Slouching Uphill
Lotic - Resilience
7038634357 - Six Wing Underside
NKISI - The Dark Orchestra
Baby Blue - Collapsed
Toxe & Mechatok - Still Life
Clouds - Clubbers Guide To Wreaking Havoc
Ytem - Malakoff Zoo
Osheyack - Balance (feat. Nahash)
Mark Luva - Amaieratik
Jup do Bairro - Corpo Sem Juízo (JLZ remix)
Kelman Duran - Matarnos
Wulfffluw XCIV & Nahshi - Terra
Dinamarca - Holy
Nur Jaber - War Pigs
Gabber Modus Operandi - Kon
DJ Ruan - Grandiose
Varg & Lyzza - Fraud (Varg Orgasmic Feeling Edit)
Aisha Devi - I’m not always where my body is (Varg Remix)

The People's Avant-Garde

The People's Avant-Garde is a monthly showcase of experimental club music from New Work City Records, a record label where five friends have come together to sharpen their art and grow the seeds of revolution

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